At Pixel Power we draw upon over 75 years of combined industry experience.

Our award-winning visual artists leverage a depth of post-production technical expertise and wide-ranging musical knowledge to deliver high quality, original work. Passionate about film, art, music and technology, each member of our team brings their creative energy and adaptive style to every collaboration. Each new project is simply an opportunity to exceed expectations and bring about the best version of the story our clients want to tell, whether through television commercials, documentaries, branded content or music videos.

Gabriel Wrye
With years of cutting feature films and music videos under his belt, Gabriel Wrye now finds the collaborative nature of cutting commercials an exhilarating change of pace. Known for his versatility, independence and problem solving, Gabriel has brought this skill set to a wide group of commercial clients including Chase, NFL, Verizon, Chrysler (with director Adrian Brody), Kohls and Tide. When not hanging out with his two dogs and two tortoises, Gabriel contributes his time to creating PSA’s and volunteering in disaster relief areas.
Luis Carballar
After 25 years as an editor, Luis Carballar’s celebrated collaborations with Oscar-winning director Alejandro G. Iñnaritu (“Birdman”) include festival favorite “Amores Perros” as well as BMW’s “Powder Keg,” which garnered the first ever Titanium Lion Award at the Cannes Advertising Festival, the Cyber Lion Grand Prix, and became part of MoMa’s permanent collection in New York. Luis brings his trademark patient and professional approach to all of his projects, with brands ranging from Toyota, T-Mobile and Acura to the hit Netflix series “Narcos."
Pablo Piriz
Pablo Piriz brings his creative expertise and 20+ years of experience to every project he tackles, wearing many hats including offline editor, post supervisor, special fx supervisor, vfx compositor and sound fx. The wide variety of brands he counts on his resume include McDonalds, Toyota and Got Milk?, to name a few. Pablo adds recent wins at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival and the Oslo Trend Festival to his juggernaut list of awards, upon which he already counts multiple Cannes Lions, three Gold Fiaps and two Grand Prix Fiap. When he is not wrestling with the next big idea in the edit bay, Pablo can be found surfing or finding the next great foodie sensation with his wife Lucy, their 6 year old twins and the family dog, Bandido.
Juan Palacio
Known for exceeding clients’ expectations while at the same time making the process effortless, Juan Palacio brings his natural ability for storytelling and creative energy to his work with a variety of brands including Comcast, Honda, JC Penney and Harley Davidson. Juan finds inspiration in observing other art forms and spends his free time visiting art galleries, watching dance performances or taking in live music here in Los Angeles.
Pablo Leda
Pablo Leda’s years of creating trust and his unrelenting drive to inject that last bit of magic into every project have resulted in lasting relationships with clients such as Oakley, Motorola and Warby Parker. Drawing upon his time spent in production, Pablo understands both sides of the process and brings his signature levelheaded thinking and resourcefulness into the editing room.